Few facts about me

Hey lovelies! Hope you are having a great day! Today I will say a few facts about me since I didn't really say much about me before!
1: I'm 13
2: birthday is 20/07/04 making my zodiac sign a cancer
3: favourite colour is pink/mint
4: I'm very weird!
5: favourite song is- fresh eyes cover- grace grundy
6: I have 3 pets- a Labrador pup named princess- and two amazing kitties- jasper and simba!
7: my bestfriend and I met 11 years ago!
8: I have a online shopping addiction!
9: I am obsessed with pandas!! Their so fluffy and cute and all they do is eat and sleep!
10: I'm currently in a relationship and couldn't be happier!
11: I hate pickles
12: I have 2 brothers- Jesse and Luke
13: I'm the only girl in the fam
14: favourite movie is- lights out😂
15: favourite band/boy group is BTS!
16: favourite show is- riverdale!
17: celebrity girl crush- Rihanna
18: favourite book- love all Harry Potter books but probably Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban!

Sorry guys I couldn't think of anything else interesting but I hope you enjoyed reading this! Thank you! Bye!


Happy national book lovers day!

Hey lovelies! Most people don't read, but for those Harry Potter people out there (me) happy national book lovers day! I'm not going to say much I'm just happy cause I'm just going to read all day and appreciate books! Anyways what's your favourite book? I'll see yous in my next post! Byeeee

What/who inspired me to start a blog

Hello lovelies! Hope you are having a spectacular day/night. I am here to write about what/who inspired me to start a blog and why I'm here today

Who inspired me?
So your probably wondering who inspired me? Well the amazingly funny person who inspired is….. Bella! I honestly love her posts they make me so happy when I'm feeling down and make me laugh😃 she is such a great person and I'm so glad I found her because without her I wouldn't be here posting and owning this account! Her account is- " Totally Random "make sure to give her a follow and look at her amazing posts because they will put you in such a good mood!

What inspired me?
I am a weird person. I'm crazy. And I needed something to express my craziness to the world, which brought me here, I love hauls! Book hauls! Clothing hauls! Anything to do with hauls I love! So I thought that I could do a few mini ones, I also love writing about things that go on in my life. My adventures with my puppy, or just a squad road trip with my amazing bestfriends! I like writing about my interests, so that's all that inspired me! Thank you for reading this if you came this far☺️ have a great day and keep a smile on your face❤️

Hello everyone! My first post!

Well hello there!
Huh.. I don't know how to start..should I start with my obsession for pandas..no? What about puppies and how we don't deserve such amazing creatures… whoops already carried away!

Okay let me start again.. hi my names Tatiana and this is my first post! You probably guessed that though..anyways, I'm a 13 year old girl, living in Australia that has the biggest obsession with pandas! Like have you seen how fluffy they are! And all they do is- sorry about that, I'm a bit crazy.. well maybe a lot.

Why I started a blog?
I started this blog because I wanted to show my crazy self to the world and make people happy if their feeling down they can look at my posts and feel better afterwards, I love doing hauls so I could fit a few of those in here and there, I want to post things that interest me basically anything i fancy in this world (pandas and food!) anyways I just want to post cute things, books, maybe a few DIYS, and other things you may enjoy. I'm a crazy and weird character in this world and I wanted to express my amazing personality with the world! So I hope I have said enough for everyone and I hope you all stick along through my epic journey through life and crazy adventures! Till we meet again in the next post!
-T x